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Why Does Hair Loss in Men Occur?

Hair loss in men can be a thing of the past and we can tell you the best and affordable treatment available for you. The hair follicle contains stem cells that migrate to the hair matrix where they divide and differentiate. Among these stem cells are melanocytes that produce hair pigment. There are two major forms of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin is brown to black in color and Pheomelanin is yellow to red. Whichever one is dominant decides hair’s pigment.

A loss of pigmentation can make your hair appear thinner, as the hairs are not as visible. The European Journal of Dermatology suggests that a slowing hair growth rate is connected with hair thinning, but mostly with pigmented hair. White hairs actually have a growth rate found in pigmented hairs of younger people.

Why Does it happened and how can I treat it?

Each hair on your head goes through a three-phase growing cycle called Anagen and the most active growing phase that can last from two to six years is called Telogen. When the hair falls out and the hair follicle re-enters the first phase, it begins the process over again. Hair loss occurs when your hair fails to re-enter the first phase. The hair follicle gradually becomes inactive, leading to hair loss.

Loss of hair and a change in hair pigmentation happen as a normal part of aging, and though genetics play a large role in determining the state of your mane of hair, much of why these changes occur remains unknown. Typically, half the population will have hair that is 50 percent grey by the age of 50, as stated by the European Journal of Dermatology.

If you are starting to lose hair in certain areas of your head, and you are looking for an invasive solution to hair loss that is safe and permanent, Hair loss in men never has been easy with the Hair Pigment Center!. For more information on hair pigmentation call at 954-591-6198 or Click the here to be directed to our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

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