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5 Common Reasons For Hair Loss


Physical stress is a killer, but did you also know it can cause hair loss?  Research has found that certain hormones are released in the body that cause hair loss and continue to plague men and women worldwide.


Breakups, job losses, divorces, death and legal issues may all cause hair loss for both men and women.  Commonly, people going through hardships or hard times financially will be subject to hair loss


Recent research has proved that certain hormones released during pregnancy can cause hair loss in women predisposed to a condition that may be linked to genetics as well as chemicals present in the body.


In addition to proper exercise, a well-balanced diet is also recommended to guard against hair loss as protein deficiency can cause a condition on that body that shrinks or kills the hair follicle.


Many conditions linked to hair loss are simply genetic, your maternal grandfather(mother’s father) usually holds genetic components that affect hair loss and can basically determine if you will go bald, have thinning hair, or a receding hair line.

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