Here at the Hair Pigmentation Center Florida, we specialize in the latest scalp Micropigmentation and hair follicle techniques to help people achieve the image they deserve.  Do not allow concerns about your hair loss prevent you from feeling and looking the way you want. We help patients from all walks of life gain their confidence back.  Come and experience it for yourself!

Advantages Of Hair Follicle Replication

  • Immediate results after only one treatment
  • Non-surgical
  • Pain-free
  • Drug-free
  • Scar-free
  • No maintenance after treatment
  • No recuperation time after treatment
  • Extent of treatment is customizable
  • Discreet
  • It is not a conventional tattoo

Hair Loss (Understanding Hair loss)

Hair loss is a common medical condition that affects up to 47% of the population without gender discrimination; although hair loss in men tends to have an early onset than hair loss in women.  Like most medical conditions, multiple factors are involved in the hair loss process, but a hormonal imbalance related to a person’s genetic background seems to play a major role.  There is very little that a person can do to prevent the hair loss process.  For a lot of people the first sign of hair loss is gradual thinning hair especially on the sides of the forehead and the head crown, followed by hair falling out and a slow but progressive receding hairline.  This type of hair loss is known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.  Unfortunately, there is no permanent treatment that will stop this hair loss process and eventually most people will experience partial or complete baldness.  Some may consider hair loss to be exclusively a cosmetic problem, but extensive hair loss and baldness can have a negative impact on a person’s self-image and self-confidence.

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Hair Loss Treatments

There are many available treatments for hair loss in the market including the application of chemical solutions or stimulation treatments that attempt to strengthen the root of the hair or hair follicle.  The topical treatment Minoxidil (ROGAINE®) is the only FDA-approved product clinically shown to help strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth in the vertex or head crown.  However, it is not very effective for treating patients with extensive hair loss or complete baldness.  For this reason, the success rate of chemical and stimulatory treatments in slowing or stopping hair loss progression is not consistent and for some people, the available hair loss treatments are completely ineffective.  Other people opt for surgical hair transplants which normally involve removing small sections of skin-containing hair follicles from the back of the head and transplanting the graft to the bald area.  However, a hair transplant may be costly, painful, and require high-level maintenance after the treatment.  In some cases, the hair transplant either does not provide sufficient coverage to the affected area or is not successful.  Some patients will be left with a visible scar, usually across the back of the head, at the site from where the initial donor hair transplant was taken.  The incision left by the transplant may lead to scarring of the scalp.  When this occurs, the patient is left with fewer alternatives to solve the main reason they had the transplant done in the first place.  Frustration over the poor effectiveness of current hair loss treatments can leave anyone feeling like there is no long-term solution to their hair loss problem.

Hair Follicle Replication

In recent years, a very effective procedure has been used successfully to improve the appearance of thinning hair, male pattern baldness and receding hairlines without painful surgery or complicated aftercare.  The treatment is performed using hair-like needles and equipment that resembles the equipment used by tattoo and permanent make-up artists, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “hair tattooing”.  However, this is a misnomer as there are drastic differences between classic skin tattooing and “hair tattooing”. A more accurate name is hair follicle replication; some refer to it as Scalp Micro-pigmentation.  Hair follicle replication is an ideal solution for patients with receding hairlines.  The patient’s head is shaved to a modern buzz haircut and then the hairline is brought back to its natural level by creating each individual hair follicle.  As the name hair follicle replication implies, a professional artist will create each individual hair follicle by applying a natural non-toxic pigment to the affected areas restoring the illusion of a head covered by short hair.  Since the human scalp can have between 1000 to 2000 hair follicles per square inch, the artist will blend in the newly created hair follicle to resemble the hair density of the patient’s head.  The treatment is customized to replicate the exact hair color and density desired by each individual patient.  Hair follicle replication has a 100% success rate compared to other treatments without any of the negative side effects.  Although the time it takes to get the desired result will vary depending on the extent of baldness, every patient is guaranteed to leave the first session with results that can be seen.  Hair follicle replication has also been successfully used to mask all types of scalp scars and scarring left behind by donor hair transplants making hair follicle replication a revolutionary new treatment for all types of female and male baldness and scalp problems.

Facts About Hair Follicle Replication

Since hair follicle replication has been inaccurately called hair tattooing, it is important to point out the difference between the two techniques. Tattooing is considered to be for the most part permanent because the dye applied by the tattooing needles reaches the deepest layer of the skin or dermis, while the pigments in hair follicle replication only penetrate the first skin layer, the epidermis.  The epidermis is continually regenerating itself which means that any dye application will naturally fade over a long period of time allowing the patient to decide if the treatment should be repeated or modified in the future. A major advantage of hair follicle replication is that the depth reached by the hair replication dye is closest to the depth where natural hair begins to show through the skin.  This natural hair look can never be achieved using conventional tattooing equipment because the needles used in tattooing are designed to cover extensive skin areas.  Only hair replication needles can simulate the thickness and natural quality of growing hair.  In addition, there are major differences in the types of pigment used.  Hair replication pigments are designed exclusively to mimic natural hair colors.  The hair replication specialist will mix the pigments to the color needed to match your natural hair color and blend in the replicated hair follicle with the rest of your natural hair.  Unlike the dyes used in conventional tattooing, hair follicle replication pigments do not change color over time.  Since the epidermis is shed very gradually, the newly created hair follicle will fade naturally without changing into the green/blue-hue associated with aging skin tattoos.  All FDA approved pigments used in hair follicle replication are safe, non-toxic, natural and have not been reported to cause any allergic reactions.  Finally, since conventional tattooing and hair follicle replication are so radically different, hair follicle replication is ideal for those clients who belong to any religious affiliation that disallows permanent tattooing of the skin.

About Our Hair Pigmentation Center Receding Hairline – Scalp pigmentation is an excellent choice for those experiencing natural hair loss. Known as “Male Pattern Baldness” we can easily treat the receding area bringing the hairline back to its natural position. Our signature natural look involves blending the pigmentation back into the natural hair.
About Our Hair Pigmentation Center Balding Of The Crown – Male Pattern Baldness is where hair loss is most prevalent on the top of the head/crown area. Scalp Pigmentation is an excellent choice to add density, achieving a fuller head of hair look.
About Our Hair Pigmentation Center Complete Baldness – The most demanded treatment to date is treating clients with no hair at all. Such treatment coverage delivers the most dramatic change to their image & confidence. Scalp Pigmentation will achieve the appearance of a full head of hair, bring forward hairlines and visually take years off a persons age.
About Our Hair Pigmentation Center Camouflaged Scars We treat many clients with Scalp Pigmentation to camouflage scars. The most common scar is from hair transplants leaving what is called a donor scar at the back of the head.

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Here at the Hair Loss Scalp Pigmentation Center Florida, we specialize in the latest scalp Micropigmentation and hair follicle techniques to help people achieve the image they deserve. Do not allow concerns about your hair loss prevent you from feeling and looking the way you want. We help patients from all walks of life gain their confidence back. About Our Hair Pigmentation CenterCome and experience it for yourself! Contact us at 954-591-6198 or click on the button to get a free quote and information today.

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