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Stop burning a hole in your pocket with hair transplant surgery! There’s an innovative, cheaper and permanent alternative – scalp pigmentation. In just a few hours you’ll look good and feel great!

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Hair Restoration That Brings Back Confidence Within You

Are you looking for a hair restoration procedure? Scalp Micro pigmentation is a hair restoration process that is the ultimate non-surgical male and female solution for hair loss. As an incredible non-invasive life-changing treatment, it involves the application of natural pigments at the dermal level of one’s scalp to replicate real hair.

Hair RestorationOne great change that hair restoration can provide to hair loss patients is to bring their confidence back. More people are choosing this medical procedure since it is proven effective to resemble the natural appearance of hair follicles.

Hair Pigment Center

Our caring doctor responsible for the scalp micro pigmentation procedures is Dr. Andrea Echeverry, who has the latest technology and experience of hundreds of satisfied patients. In your first appointment, she will answer any questions and concerns regarding your particular case.

What To Expect The Day of The Procedure

Hair-Restoration-Scalp-MicropigmentationDuring your second appointment, Dr. Andrea will use a cartridge containing three needles while gently injecting natural pigment on the 2nd dermal skin layer replicating the natural hair follicles. As a proficient practitioner, she takes pride in having an unparalleled experience as well as an excellent reputation in the hair pigmentation industry.

After The Hair Restoration Procedure

• A restored full-front, rear, and side hairline
• A youthful look of cropped hair
• A restored hairline on a fully bald or part-bald head
• Hidden burns, scars, and even birthmarks
• Concealment scarring that results from previous hair transplant surgery

Dr. Andrea is capable of replicating any particular hair pattern. Moreover, she understands that hair follicles do not have the same shade. That is why she uses three to four shades of pigment to create the most natural and realistic look. At the end of the procedure, you will look younger and more confident than before. Call us today at 954-591-6198 to schedule a FREE consultation.

About Scalp Pigmentation

Hair Pigmentation Advantages:

  • Immediate Results
  • Non-surgical
  • Pain-free
  • Drug-free
  • Scar-free
  • No maintenance After Treatment
  • No Recuperation Time
  • Treatment is Customizable
  • Discreet
  • Not a Conventional Tattoo
Hair Restoration

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