Are you like many men and women who suffer from hair loss? Hair Pigment Center is currently looking for new clients to take part in what is called hair tattoo procedure. Also known as Scalp micropigmentation, is a hair loss solution that uses special inks very similar to regular tattoos except they are formulated to match the appearance of real hair. The inks used in Scalp Micropigmentation are designed to resist fading over time and can be a way for many individuals to overcome a loss in confidence due to hair loss issues.

New Year, New you with Hair Tattoo ProcedureOur caring professionals perform scalp pigmentation on site in a sterile, medical office located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale for your convenience. Hair tattoo procedure, or scalp micropigmentation, can be completed in three to four sessions and recovery time takes about 3 to 4 to weeks after the last session.

What makes a Tattoo different than a Hair Tattoo?

Two things. The first is the design of the needle that is smaller and more textured, just like the hair follicle in your head. Second, special inks are designed to match more closely real hair color – unless you prefer blue.

How long will a hair tattoo session take?

This largely depends on the individual and sessions generally take around three to four hours and recovery is around three to four weeks, so about a month and a half or so.

Are you looking for an alternative to hair loss solutions such as hair transplant surgery? Or hair replacement systems like wigs and toupees? Hair Pigment Center offers a safe alternative to other hair loss systems by providing a natural looking hairline for both men and women. Call today and let our caring professionals guide you through the process and provide options for you to get the most out of life and get your confidence back today!

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