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Scalp Pigmentation Instead of Hair Transplant Surgery

folder_openScalp Pigmentation
Baldness can certainly undermine a person’s confidence. Remedies to reverse this condition have been recorded in history; however, none of this treatments make hair grow like we would like too. Even today, scientists are still searching for that magic remedy that would make the hair grow like grass in the yard. In the meantime, the high…
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Latest News

Concerned About Hair Loss?

folder_openHair Loss
When To Be Concerned About Hair Loss If you are a woman who enjoys brushing her hair, you may not mind the little bit that comes out in the brush. But if you are losing more of your “crowning glory” than usual, you are likely to be concerned. Some hair shedding is normal. Your hair…
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Latest News

Tattooed Hair Made Easy With Scalp Micro Pigmentation

folder_openHair Tattoo Procedure
If you are dealing with hair loss, then you are likely familiar with a variety of options that are advertised as the ultimate ways to deal with a receding hairline. However, it is worth noting that things such as hair loss supplements and hair loss drugs are poorly regulated, and also most of the products…
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