If you are dealing with hair loss, then you are likely familiar with a variety of options that are advertised as the ultimate ways to deal with a receding hairline. However, it is worth noting that things such as hair loss supplements and hair loss drugs are poorly regulated, and also most of the products available on the market have not been approved by the FDA.

Tattooed Hair Made Easy With Scalp Micro PigmentationTattooed Hair Made Easy With Scalp Micro PigmentationScalp micro pigmentation is a safe and reliable way to deal with hair loss problems, without jeopardizing your health. Anyone, including you, can benefit from this method regardless if you have already undergone hair restoration surgery, wear hair systems, or have scalp scarring.

The process entails cosmetically tattooing hair follicles, with the final result giving the overall impression of very short hairs on a closely shaven scalp. The tattooed follicles are natural in appearance and seamlessly blend in with natural hair, without detracting from its color or texture.

Scalp micropigmentation can be done for a variety of cosmetic purposes, in addition to reducing the dissimilarity between your scalp and your hair color. Also, it adds texture and compliments your existing hair, making it look fuller by adding coverage to the already thinning areas. What’s more, scalp micropigmentation is a great way to conceal scalp scarring as well as other scalp imperfections in a most natural way.

While scalp micropigmentation may be gaining traction as an alternative to hair loss drugs and other hair loss treatments, it is important to trust a medical doctor to perform the procedure and forgo trusting unlicensed establishments which offer poor results and often follow questionable hygiene practices.

Hair Pigment Center

Dr. Andrea Echeverry owner of the Hair Pigment Center in Hollywood, Florida, has over 10 years of hands-on experience carrying out scalp micropigmentation on thousands of her patients, while she has also lectured and trained other practitioners on the procedures, sharing her hard-gained knowledge and professional expertise with those new to the field.

At the Hair Pigment Center of Hollywood, Florida every scalp micro pigmentation procedure is done by Dr. Echeverry and her team of experienced technicians, ensuring the safety of the process, as well as the quality of the final aesthetic result.

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