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I couldn’t be more satisfied!
I began struggling with hair loss since my late 30’s and considered transplants several times over the years but never acted upon it. When I first learned about this procedure called scalp micropigmentation I consulted several practitioners both in NY and Florida. Right from the beginning I was most impressed with Dr Echeverry. Her presentation was by far the most professional, comprehensive, and realistic. She displayed a vast knowledge of how the condition of the skin could impact the overall success of the treatment as well as the time frame for completion. She explained that because of my age (I’m 68), the dryness of my scalp, and the sun damage I had incurred over the years, the treatment might not be as effective. She suggested various vitamins and moisturizers to restore my scalp to a more healthy condition.Other practitioners assured me that it could be accomplished in one or two sessions. This was not the case. Dr E gave me 5 treatments spaced so that the skin had time to heal. Adding to her expertise was her demeanor. She was always pleasant and warm and thus made for a more pleasurable overall experience. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result and my new look.If you’re considering scalp pigmentation, run, don’t walk to Dr. Echeverry at the Hair Pigment Center.
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