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The best practitioner you could ask for!
Andrea!!! She is the best practitioner you could ask for. Her knowledge goes beyond expectations. Her price was very competitive, to be honest the best in the hair pigmentation market. They are a family business and it is great to feel just like in family. I was very hesitant to get into this commitment. I have had terrible experiences when it comes to hair and I hated my bald spots, knowing that I needed to do something and not finding the right technology to accommodate my demands was very challenging, I was not willing to go through painful and failing hair transplants. This treatment option was right from beginning to end. I did some heavy research before even stepping into an office to get evaluated and visited a couple of places for estimates. Andrea was the bomb, and I truly mean it....She was straight forward and very informative. During this process I learned that it is not only about the tattoo and the technique, it goes way deeper than this, scalp condition, follicle, right colors. To get the best results you really need to have some knowledge. Andrea was very very professional. I highly recommend them, I would do it all over again! Thank you Andrea and Mike! Best of lucks to you and great success in your business practice.
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