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A cure for thinning hair has long eluded scientists, but the Hair Pigment Center has created a first-of-its-kind hair restoration method that may actually get a person to grow new hair. This procedure can be helpful in the beginning stages of thinning hair and has helped to not only stop but reverse the process.  Please click the button below if you believe you are mild to fair thinning.


Our Services

The Hair Pigmentation Center has helped hundreds of men and women from around the world to leave their hair loss problems behind for good. Do not allow concerns about your hair loss prevent you from feeling and looking the way you want. With this procedure, you can camouflage moderate to severe thinning/balding. Click the button below to get a quote and evaluation.


Our Services

Every solution offered to this type of scarring should be studied personally, as each case is very different from the other. This technique doesn’t involve going through the process of surgery, because it colors scarred areas, thus providing the appearance of more hair in the affected area. Such a procedure can camouflage your scars and is commonly done to treat hair transplant scars.

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