Instead of going through a painful treatment such as surgical hair transplant (visible scarring after procedure) or wearing a toupee or a hair piece to cover the baldness area (in Florida weather not recommended..to hot!) many men have considered the alternative of scalp pigmentation treatments as a better solution for hair loss.

What does Hair pigment treatment do for hair loss?

What To Expect From A Scalp Pigmentation TreatmentThe look of a full, youthful, shaved head with a full front, side or rear hairline. Camouflage scarring as a result of previous hair transplant surgery or any scars, burns and birthmarks. Permanently camouflage the symptoms of all levels of alopecia Gain self-esteem and confidence with your new look.

On your first free Hair pigment consultation

The doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and conduct a brief scalp examination.
Both will review the goals and expectations and what could be accomplished for natural results.
A photograph is taken for your file record (strictly private).
Will discuss how and when to pay your fees and give you a treatment plan sheet.
The doctor should guarantee the payment of the consecutive treatments if any with no extra charges.

The first day of the treatment

What To Expect From A Scalp Pigmentation TreatmentImmediately after the first treatment a slightly inflammation will be apparent. Redness and edema areas would show due to the inflammation. Is totally normal that the skin gets irritated but is due to the unfamiliar activity of the skin. A vitamin cream is applied to the area and given for the following days for the patient to use itself. If you live in Florida, a hat should be brought along and worn whenever the patient goes outside during the healing process. Is better to avoid UV exposure for the desired results. An additional cream should be applied daily over the next 5-7 days.

The last day of your treatment

The scalp will look very light as new skin is formed. Remember, all clients are different, and duration of healing and exfoliation can vary. However, within a month the skin is completely healed, and the right colour and tone will be visible. All of our patients had a successful experience and magnificent results. Take a look at our gallery of photos and see for yourself how could you look today!

Dr. Andrea Echeverry would be happy to assist you at her Hair Pigment Center located in South Florida. She has more than 10 years of experience in the scalp pigmentation industry helping more that 500 clients to achieve the desired look. Her procedure is painless free, usually requiring only 1 or 2 sessions depending on the baldness area. Give us a call for a FREE consultation at (954) 591-6198.

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